Conducting is a craft - a skill to be honed.  Conducting involves a complex relationship between conductor and performer.   It involves teaching, communication, organization, knowledge of repertoire and visionary program planning.  It also demands energy, patience, passion and stamina.  The workshops provide opportunities to hone your craft as conductor. The guest conducting option provides opportunity for you and your ensemble to receive new insights, work with new repertoire and reach for a higher level of effective ministry. Click on the title for PDF of workshop (right click for download)     contact James Janzen

1) ‘Hands on’ Conducting

Learn a vocabulary of conducting gestures that will help your singers or instrumental players recreate the ‘ideal concert’ that already exists in your mind. 

2) CONDUCTING REPERTOIRE - Choral & Instrumental

Interested in seeing some of the repertoire that I have conducted over the years? Would you like to rehearse, study or prepare some of this repertoire? Would you like help in preparation and conducting?  Contact me to discuss options that would be helpful to you. 

3) Conductor as Voice Teacher

It is a sobering reality that for many singers, their conductor is their only voice coach. For better or worse, conductors influence vocal production,  determine vocal health and build vocal habits. It is important that all conductors have a fundamental understanding of how the voice works and what kind of exercises give singers understanding, skill and good habits.

4) The Instrumental Conductor (no download link)

Based on need, topics will be chosen from: score reading, transpositions, instrumental techniques, intonation, building ensemble and choosing suitable repertoire.

5) Guest conductor (no download link)

Need a guest conductor for a combined event or special concert?  Want to see a demonstration of the impact of my teaching on your choir or instrumental group? I am available to bring my rich experience with a great variety of groups to your special event. From the small church choir or chamber choir to the large Masterworks Chorus with orchestra or a combined event like the ACSI Musicale, I would enjoy taking your group to another level.